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5 Major Signs He Loves You OR NOT

     5 signs he doesn’t love you

1. He doesn’t love you if he makes it all about the sex.

One thing you really should now about relationships is that love and sex are not necessarily going to be the same thing.If he makes it seems like he’s only after sex then he doesn’t love you.

2. He loves you if he shows a willingness to compromise.

You know that he really loves you if he shows that he’s willing to meet you halfway. It’s a good sign that he shows a willingness to compromise his needs and desires if it means getting to keep you in his life.

3. He doesn’t love you if he hides you from the world.

Trying to hiding you from the rest of the world, you probably with someone ho doesn’t love you.he should never be shy about showing you off.

4. He loves you if he lets you be your true self.

If a man loves you he will allow you to be your true and genuine self. He is truly dedicated to just making sure that you always feel comfortable with staying true to who you are. He can not make you feel judged or criticized.

5. He doesn’t love you if he doesn’t trust you.

A romantic relationship is always built on trusting each other.You are always going to need a man who trusts you and respects you enough to know that you would always do right by him.

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