The Dos And Don’ts Of Clean Eating

  1. Do eat fresh fruits and vegetables straight from the garden.  Frozen fruits and vegetables are acceptable in the off season.
  2. Do eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.
  3. Do prefer organic produce where possible.
  4. Avoid genetically modified (GMO) meats, fruits, and vegetables.
  5. Do cook using products like quinoa, wild rice, and oats.  The product should be the first ingredient listed on the package.
  6. Do prefer whole-grain breads and pastas.
  7. Do prefer minimally processed foods.
  8. Do get your proteins from sources other than meat where possible.  Nuts,
  9. legumes, and some vegetables are valid clean sources of protein. 
  10. Avoid highly processed foods like cheese “food” and bleached flour.
  11. Avoid foods with long ingredient lists. Avoid refined (white and brown) sugar and ingredients that end in “-ose.” 
  12. Avoid foods that have been processed “beyond recognition.” Especially shun artificial coloring.
  13. Do eat minimal amounts of honey and natural sweeteners (e.g., stevia).
  14. Avoid excessive sodium by eating fresh food instead of commercially canned products.
  15. Do use coarse kosher salt or sea salt instead of fine table salt for the added “punch” of flavor while minimizing the sodium content.
  16. Do utilize spices to add flavor to your food, thereby reducing the need for salt.

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