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You Can Now Use Christmas Fairy Lights For Beards

What’s the one thing you always wish you had around the festive period? You’ve already got every things and have any thing.

So, the only thing left is light up your beard with Christmas lights, didn’t you??

If you’ve been blessed with a good chin of facial hair this is surely going to be top of the list.

Some store’s now sell this lights with 12$.they’re probably fucking cheaper lets face it.

The lights battery is small enough to hide it ander your beard – now I’ve seen many men with pretty decent beards but there is no way a battery pack would be hidden in there. That’s stuff for the bearded Gods.

You can also change the colour of your lights.

They are just like normal fairy lights, but miniature so they nestle comfortably in your facial hair.

Some store’s warning about using the beards lights though. They note that you should give them a miss if your beard is wet or if you’re outside and it is raining. You’d be surprised how many people wouldn’t think of it.
They also ask you to be careful if you wear them while partying.

One customer said:”
Oh my! I am so delighted to say that this product really got me in the Christmas spirit this holiday season! It is so festive and full of magnificence as I beheld them in the palm of my hand after opening the little box it comes in. The ornaments come in the popular Christmas colors of red, green, purple, blue, yellow and silver for the snow, haha! They are so small that they indeed are made for a man’s beard as well as of course Santa’s white beard whether real or fake.
The baubles are white but when you press them once they turn on and when you press them again they turn off. When they are turned on, oh my! Your beard will resemble that of a sparkling Christmas tree…
I recommend this item to all those wives with husbands who have beards. I also recommend this product to those who are planning to be Santa Clauses or Santa’s elves for their Christmas party. I am positive you will be the life of your party because this product is in my opinion worthy of the holiday season and its affordable price! So what are you waiting for? Get it today in time for Christmas parties!.”

Another added:
Love the ornaments. If I knew the lights would be pulsating/disco, I would not have purchased this set. The flickering lights are nauseating and are not good for people with seizure disorders or with other sensitivities. I was hoping they were a simple turn on/ stay on type of light.

The collection comes with 12 festive fancies to clip onto your facial fuzz to – they say – ‘get your beard excited for the holidays’.

If you’re in the UNITED STATE you can buy it from several stor’s like walmart or amazon…

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